Committee members are elected roles!  If you need further information regarding one of these committees, please contact one or more members for help.  If you are interested in the work of the committee consider running during out Annual Meeting!  Nomination papers must be filled out and signed to be on the ballot.

Quaboag Education Association

Member of:

The QEA is an affiliate of
the Massachusetts Teachers Association
and the National  Educational Association.


Please direct all website related inquiries to:
Heather McKusick

Have a Question?

Remember to check your contract.  Often answers can be found right there!  Become familiar with the table of contents to help your search.  Still unsure?  Follow up with your building representative/officer in person or send them an email trying to make an appointment! 


Paraprofessionals’ PR&R:

Insurance Committe:

Teachers' Sick Leave Bank:

Paraprofessionals’ Sick Leave Bank Committee:
Welfare Committee:

Political Action Committee:

Nomination Committee:

Cougar Credits Committee:

Scholarship Committee:

Social Committee:
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